Moving from wordpress to a static site generator

Posted on Sun 21 June 2020 in About the site

A long time ago I created my own website and created each page by hand in Windows notepad. I probably even used some server side includes and I certainly used Apache as the web server. I don't have copies of that site. In 2004 I moved to a blogging system …

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Magic letterhead tray - making preprinted stationary automatically on plain white paper

Posted on Tue 19 November 2019 in WebDev & Code

A couple of years ago I stopped buying letterheads for my business and instead created a special print queue that merged any document sent to print with a PDF letterhead template.

Last month, it stopped working on just my PC. I'm not quite sure if it broke from a Windows …

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A Small Business Payroll Solution - how and why I moved our payroll process from an accounting firm to do it ourselves using ‘Software as a Service’

Posted on Fri 14 June 2019 in Business

My apologies in advance for the grammar and sentence structure. I haven’t blogged for ages but having just overhauled my small business payroll solution and procedures this post will help me remember what, why and how I did things and also may help someone else going through the same …

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How many 1st class stamps to use on heavy letters?

Posted on Fri 20 October 2017 in Business, WebDev & Code

In our office, we buy Royal Mail stamps in ready to use denominations of "1st Class", "2nd Class", "Large 1st Class" and "Large 2nd Class". However, these are only useful for 100g weight letters.

Screenshot of stamp pricing table

For heavy letters, we can use multiples of these stamps. I noticed I was routinely having …

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Google Chrome " Failed – Network Error." on downloading files greater than 5MB (ish) - solution for me = Disable QUIC

Posted on Mon 24 April 2017 in WebDev & Code

For the last few weeks I've had trouble downloading from Google Photos files. It only happened on large files; videos & zip files of multiple images. The problem only affected Chrome - the files would download fine using Firefox. For single images the download would work so I decided it must be …

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